Adding USB Ports to Wall Outlets

Let’s face it. We are becoming increasingly reliant on the use of USB technology. From our tablets and cell phones to laptops and more, our accessories need charged, and this more often than not requires the use of USB equipment. In order to use the electricity in our homes and offices, we must convert our USB to a two or three pronged plug in.

What many don’t realize is that it’s relatively simple to install USB plugs directly into your wall plugs. This allows you to plug your USB port directly into your wall plug without having to use a power brick.

We like to save money where we can, and it may sound like the upgrade to USB wall chargers would be a pricey investment. However, you’ll likely be surprised to learn that companies like Amazon have made it easier than ever to acquire the equipment needed to make this capability a reality in your home. In fact, their TOPGREENER TU2154A 4 Amp High Speed Dual USB Charger Outlet is only $20, and you can save when you invest in a five pack for just $93.

It’s important that you understand new products you decide to install in your home. If you make the decision to implement USB wall charging technology in your home, just a few key aspects to keep in mind include:

  • Charging capacity is typically around 4.0 amps.
  • Two devices can be charged at a wall outlet at the same time, but this cannot occur at high speed.
  • Quicker charging capability for devices ranging from cell phones and iPads to tablets and more is typically possible.

Technology is constantly innovating, and jumping on board with the latest advancements can help make your life more convenient. USB wall outlets can help you keep a charge you can rely on.

JBL Advances in Noise-Cancelling Technology With USB-C

Noise-canceling, in-ear headphones are certainly convenient to have as they provide us the ability to restrict our auditory senses to exactly what we want to hear with our devices. However, users were restricted to the use of a dedicated battery pack in order to take advantage of this incredible technology. JBL has offered a solution to this problem with new headphones that rely on a USB-C connection.

How It Works

In order to get the most of host devices such as the new HTC 10 smartphone, the new headphones feature a USB Type-C connection. This allows consumers to take advantage of the features of noise-cancelling technology without having to worry about limited battery life.

JBL is proud to introduce the new Reflect Aware C headphones. Aside from coming equipped with state-of-the-art ergonomic ear tips, buyers also get to take advantage of the fact that they are sweat-proof and capable of being productive even when the user is engaged in vigorous activity. All of this in addition to its noise-canceling feature and in-line remote with volume control and microphone is making many consumers excited at the aspect of adding such sophisticated new arsenal to their technological toolbox.

The Reflect Aware C is powered by a 14.8mm driver, and they are being announced alongside the 10 smartphone. However, consumers will have to curb their enthusiasm as JBL has net yet announced exactly when they can expect to see them on the retail shelves nor at what price tag. There is a good chance they won’t be the only USB-C in-ear headphones to hit the market during 2016.

New Level of Tech Convenience With Cool Cable

We have come to rely heavily on our phones. While their capabilities have increased by leaps and bounds, however, there are still limitations that can take the convenience out of their use. Apple and Android phones feature very small charging ports, and most users have found themselves in that awkward position where they’re struggling to make the connection. There’s an answer with a new product. Cool Cable takes the frustration out of the equation.

Imagine owning a universal cable compatible with all of your technology. The Cool Cable is a two in one charging station with not only a Micro USB but also an iPad and iPhone lightening pin. Most of us have struggled with trying to find our charger in the dark, and the Cool Cable even has a solution to that common problem. Its blue light is luminous enough to be seen but not disrupt your sleep.

Apple users can use the convenient charging pin, and the device can easily convert for Android users with its hidden Micro USB. Just some of the other exciting features users will wonder how they ever lived without include:

  • Convenient one meter long cable
  • Assorted colors to best suit your individual sense of style
  • Universal compatibility

Let’s face it. Technology is advancing almost too fast for us to keep up with, and we’re always looking for the next big thing. The Cool Cable is just that. The device is even covered in a fabric braiding, and this conforms conveniently to the curves of your bed. It’s large, weighted knot is able to slide up and down, and this allows you to avoid the common problem of the detached connector sliding off of surfaces and onto the floor. Cool Cable takes technology to a whole new level of convenience.