JBL Advances in Noise-Cancelling Technology With USB-C

Reflect Aware C noise canceling usb-c headphones

Noise-canceling, in-ear headphones are certainly convenient to have as they provide us the ability to restrict our auditory senses to exactly what we want to hear with our devices. However, users were restricted to the use of a dedicated battery pack in order to take advantage of this incredible technology. JBL has offered a solution to this problem with new headphones that rely on a USB-C connection.

How It Works

In order to get the most of host devices such as the new HTC 10 smartphone, the new headphones feature a USB Type-C connection. This allows consumers to take advantage of the features of noise-cancelling technology without having to worry about limited battery life.

JBL is proud to introduce the new Reflect Aware C headphones. Aside from coming equipped with state-of-the-art ergonomic ear tips, buyers also get to take advantage of the fact that they are sweat-proof and capable of being productive even when the user is engaged in vigorous activity. All of this in addition to its noise-canceling feature and in-line remote with volume control and microphone is making many consumers excited at the aspect of adding such sophisticated new arsenal to their technological toolbox.

The Reflect Aware C is powered by a 14.8mm driver, and they are being announced alongside the 10 smartphone. However, consumers will have to curb their enthusiasm as JBL has net yet announced exactly when they can expect to see them on the retail shelves nor at what price tag. There is a good chance they won’t be the only USB-C in-ear headphones to hit the market during 2016.